The artist João Rossi was active and dynamical, used to produce things, invent special molds to form and take out sculptures by quick and economical processes. He carved the engraving metal, created white and movement areas in the stand.

His painting was itself loaded by raw material and, sometimes, by objects. He made magical boxes that contained, in their interior, myriads of "shines" of the city which he used to rescue in street and to preserve over his eyes. And everything was peopled by amerindian figures, America's people that he loved like brothers, as if we could love our brother so much.

Rossi has a dream, teach to America's children possible freedom that Art brings to us. He's conquered this dream. And has also desired to become his art accessible to everyone, to invent production systems and cultivate cultural centers.

He's created schools, constructed frescos, taught teachers and, mostly, he's got all of this. He was a man that was always imagining new things. João Rossi was an artist.

by Jacob Klintowitz

Original score
Mini-sinfonia Lavoro
Part 1: Gestação (22k)
Part 2: Perseverança (12k)
Part 3: Reflexão (7k)

music by Juan Marcos Rossi

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